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how can I make a perfect sprite flash video?

2008-09-08 23:08:06 by MattHawk12

I got flash MX/flash 8, but now, HOW do I take the the white thingy (behind the sprite) out??? HEEEELLLLPPP!!!!!


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2008-09-08 23:47:26

The only way I know is to edit in place and use the eraser. If your find a better way, let me know. You can use photoshop to do it in a minute, but you have to buy it. Anyway, let me now if you figure out an easy way.

MattHawk12 responds:



2008-09-09 00:06:25

See if this works:

Select the image, go to edit, trace bitmap, and try that and see if it works.
Photoshop works well, but you do need to buy it.

MattHawk12 responds:

okay, thanks.

btw, I'm using flash 8


2009-03-14 20:32:03

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